Announces partnership with Carlos Slim Foundation aimed toward improving patient care and reversing a chronic disease epidemic through better access to vital health information and Theranos’ preventive care solutions.

PALO ALTO, California AND MEXICO CITY, Mexico (June 23, 2015) – Theranos, Inc. and the Carlos Slim Foundation announced their partnership to provide Theranos’ innovative laboratory testing services in Mexico. Together, Theranos and the Carlos Slim Foundation will work towards their mutual goal of preventing chronic illnesses by offering low-cost, widely accessible testing so that individuals can have the information they need to engage with and take ownership of their own health.

“Both Mexico and the U.S. have seen an alarming increase in non-communicable diseases, and together we have the opportunity to create a global model for prevention and early detection to change this,” said Theranos Founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes. “Routine blood testing could help so many of these individuals change the course of these diseases and manage costly outcomes. In many cases, early detection and preventive behavior modifications can stop these diseases from occurring in the first place. Our system is designed to make this type of testing affordable, quick, and less painful, and we are excited to partner with the Carlos Slim Foundation as we bring Theranos to Mexico.”

The Carlos Slim Foundation has developed and implemented a new model for health care service centers, CASALUD, which emphasizes prevention of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, and an associated program called MIDO, which evaluates risk factors for those conditions. By incorporating the Theranos system for testing, CASALUD will be able to provide lower cost, more accessible testing than is currently available. The resulting impact in earlier diagnosis for people in Mexico who may unknowingly suffer from diabetes or hypertension will allow these individuals to reduce the risks of these diseases.

“Our partnership with Theranos will strengthen our CASALUD model, which seeks to improve the operation of MIDO in the early detection of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and renal disease,” said Marco Antonio Slim Domit, Chairman of the Carlos Slim Health Institute, adding “the Theranos technology will help attain faster results more easily and at a lower cost, generating changes in the way people take care of their health.”

Theranos’ platform is a global model for health care, shifting the paradigm away from diagnosis and treatment, to one focused on early detection and prevention. Theranos offers a full spectrum of laboratory tests, from the most common panels to highly specialized tests, on blood samples as small as a few drops. Theranos currently provides its laboratory services through its network of Theranos Wellness Centers, located across Arizona and in Northern California. Bringing that approach to the U.S., Mexico, and other nations around the world – especially places in need – is central to Theranos’ mission.

Theranos is the first lab to publish its pricing, and all of its tests are priced at 50 percent of Medicare reimbursement rates or less to reduce the overall cost of care. With 70 percent of all clinical decisions based on tests, Theranos provides an affordable, accessible, high quality way for people to take control of their own health care.

About Theranos:

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Theranos, Inc. is a consumer health technology company. Founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos’ mission is to make actionable information accessible to everyone at the time it matters. Theranos is working to facilitate the early detection and prevention of disease, and empower people everywhere to live their best possible lives. Visit us at Follow us at @theranos.

About the Carlos Slim Foundation:

Established in 1986, with programs focused on impacting the most vulnerable populations, the Carlos Slim Foundation has benefited millions of people. With a high sense of social responsibility, efficiency and timeliness, the foundation develops programs in the fields of education, employment, health, nutrition, justice, culture, human development, support in natural disasters, economic development, protection and conservation of the environment, among others, which contribute to improve the quality of life of people of all ages, promote the formation of human capital and create opportunities that encourage the comprehensive development of individuals and their communities. @Fund_CarlosSlim

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